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Flipped Classrooms

Flipped Classrooms have a bit marmite situation, as an educator you will either love it or hate it, you may not understand it and maybe a little scared about it.

However ‘flipped classrooms’ personally I believe is nothing new…. It’s been around for a while it just a couple of teachers decided to theorise about it. When I was 18 and a student ( about 10 years ago) Youtube was very much in its infancy stage. My lecturers would use Youtube as a platform to share technical video tutorials that they may have created on Adobe softwares. These tutorials would fill in the important skills that I would need in order to complete my assignment and develop my skill set.

Oblinger & Oblinger, 2005 describe flipped learning that represents a cross between ‘blended’ & ‘distance’ learning.

…”The use of videos or other digital technologies to deliver content outside of class does not guarantee that anything different will occur during class time. However, due to the emphasis on students becoming the agents of their own learning rather than the object of instruction, the Flipped Learning model can enable educators to make the shift from teacher-driven instruction to student-centered learning. “… (N.Hamdan and P.McKnight, 2013)


One of my biggest challenges as a technical educator is the vast amount of students I have to deliver to, combined with the vast areas of media subjects. Students struggle to progress past the basic the technical skills required for their degrees…. but and this is a big but… they want more technical skills to be taught. Because they understand the need to develop their skill set, the same way I did when I was 18.




This generation Y understand that they need not only the theoretical skills to their degree but the key technical skills that effectively will put them ahead of the next candidate who is applying for the same job.

Society assume that gen Y are digital natives, which yes they are to some extent but also not as much as you may assume. Yes some of us may really miss the ethics, representation of oneself but we are a digital generation and we like to use technologies, to explore our world with, to share our stories and share knowledge in this participatory culture.

We love to learn through sharing our knoweldge with peers, community based learning and we are more digitally inclined because thats what we have grown up with.

As an educator, a student myself and a Gen Y native I can see both sides of the coin, firstly the need from need from a students point of view and the need to have it from an educational point of view. Companies like really set the bar when it comes to digital media training. Youtube has now been flooded with video content and it can be a mind field to find good, professional and formative educational videos, where there is a free flowing work flow.

Flipped learning


This e-learning infographic explains the difference between key stage education and higher education. It is interesting to see that in universities in 2014 only 29% of educators had tried flipped learning, compared to the 78% that was being using in key stage education.
So the question needs be asked…. why is it so low in higher education?

From my own personal view univiersities are now only starting to get students come through who are part of Gen Y who have grown up in a time where there has always been the interent. These are the 1995/1996/1997 Gen Y babies who are now 18-20 years od age.
So these young people/students are now in our universities, and we need to be collectively understanding how this age group works and learns.


The older methods of learning still have their place, but educators need to develop thier understanding and own peadgogy and actually listen to our students in how they like to learn.

We shouldn’t fear flipped learning, but actually embrace it. We need to use this wonderful world
of the internet and videos to actual enhance the learning experience, accelerate not only the students learning but our own skills.

I would reccommend any educator to embrace flipped learning and your students needs & wants. Do not fear it.


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