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I went and saw my colleagues Thomas Evans delivery a session surrounding neuropsychology applied to consumer behaviour. Obviously this is not in my field so firstly the for me to the content to the teaching and learning taking place in the room was I believe easier to do.

The room that was used was laid out in a scaled down lecture theatre, with desks lined up facing a white board and projector.
Tom started using a PowerPoint had clear learning objectives laid out to the classroom at the start. There was a clear tempo in the room and the session was broken up into manageable chunks with small group activities.

I think a way to maybe develop the learning-taking place in the room, is to use a room that would allow greater discussion to happen amongst students. Due to the ‘lecture’ style layout of the room, it meant that students struggled to share ideas, as they were having to constantly turn around, meaning they would have to turn their back on another student, which may have stopped further creative thinking.
The lighting environment is really important when using videos in the classroom; use of lighting and not having curtains drawn can really effect the contrasting of the screen.
I felt that the use of technologies to engage students could be used differently in the session. It can be really hard to develop teaching materials when you are not an educator who uses a lot of technology when teaching and delivering theory, unless of course you work in certain subjects such as, media and engineering. Certain free online software and apps can diversify your classroom and how your students engage with content. Microsoft –‘Sway’ and Adobe ‘Voice’ offer a whole new dynamic to the classroom.

I think that it is always useful to keep observing, and it shouldn’t be something that we ‘fear’ as educators but as a way to develop our pedagogy, to give feedback to our colleagues and to gain feedback from students on what ways the like to learn.
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