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A Raspberry Pi is a plucky little computer about the size of a credit card. Its fairly simple in its set up, all you need in a computer monitor and a Linux computer.

The capabilities in the device are down to your own imagination and all you need to kick-start this is a little bit of knowledge in program languages such as Python.

Due to its capabilities it has been used to track weather currents, music machines and for some kids- parent detectors.

Community learning and hack labs are ways in which programmers come together to develop new ideas and projects.
A great introduction into the wonderful world of Raspberry Pi, is the Raspberry Pi Educator course at Birmingham City library. Supported by google and the Raspberry Pi organisation, it brings together teachers and educators from a wider range of curriculum together.

On the first day you are introduced into the raspberry and some of the basic methods of setting it up, adding some of the additional peiece and use some of the teaching resources provided.



You then move onto some of the code languages that can be used such as scratch for robotic movement and python for use in Sonic Pi to create music.
It’s very faced paced, but you create something in each bitesize chunk at one point we even had a live video running from the Pi.



From this training I have shared it with technologist within our new school of performing arts and technology, to see if they can incorporate this into their theatrical performances. It was overall probably the best CPD I have been on for a while and it will be used in my own teaching on courses such as digital media. I am excited to see what students and staff will create with this very small computer.


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