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Final Project ideas

My final project has evolved from the beginning of the course, I had a general idea that I wanted to explore how students were using digital technology and what their experience was of it. However, this was far too open to interpretation and I found it difficult to maybe explain my idea in a clear form.

Final project

During this academic year, a great deal of development has taken place, not only in my technical knowledge and academic practice but also in a form of identity. I now know that I have been practicing cinema veriete without even knowing it, documentary & anthropology greatly interests me mostly in the form of and how I can use this technology in a new form to tell stories and create sensory experiences.

The concept of technology and experience of this has to be focused on one subject matter, other-wise there would be no direction.

The Idea:

I have 1 year to create this project and therefore this is something that I can throw myself into to explore, and therefore the content created and the research undertaken will be on a large scale,

I want to create a documentary using the platform Klynt as a media platform to host the documentary. The Documentary subject is following the innovative digital theatre & teaching practice of Dr, Tom Gorman and Nico the Finn. Two theatre spaces, 2000KM apart,performing Shakespear (project name to follow) with other Theatre students who are Finnish, through a digital looking glass with a back projection.

I have already captured stage some of the project through using Go Pro’s to create a submersive experience and to test different techniques in how I may wish to approach the project. Because I want to use Klynt for this project, it gives me the opportunity to really explore different approaches to documentary and the different subjective areas of the project. It is a little more than two guys mucking around with a big screen This Klynt project will be rather large in scale due to the different narrative leads that it could go down. I want it to be archinval and ethnographic with the content. However my approach will be anthropological

Firstly we have Shakespearian theatre, which to understand the what Tom & Nico’s project is there would have to be some bedrock knowledge.

Film & Theatres relationship with one another, silent cinema, pioneers of theatre into film.

How is theatre changing and what is 21st Century Theatre?

How is media technology is allowing a bridging gap for International collaborative theatre.

Student experience, what have they taken from it, How might they want to use the techniques learned in their own practice? Both UK & Finn experience.

The anthropological approach ( and this may be a complete tangent at this stage) is to experiment with the creation of digital scenery, for the project and how can this take the project to the next step, by potentially introducing two more screens into the environment. I want to create these from capturing scenery in the UK and in Finland. This part of the project is additional to the Klynt project and would allow for my experimental digital art practice to develop into an area that is specific for the skill.



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