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Quick Reflective Thought….

My previous blog post is defiantly a “works in progress” moment following our discussions in class today. It was interesting seeing how everyone else was progressing and some of the testing that had taken place with the work and the pre-production planning.

Everyone else seemed very concise in what they were going to do and some of the challenges that they may encounter. It was also intresting to hear the feedback and share thoughts on each others work. However when I compare myself to everyone else, I feel stilll a little overwhelmed by what I could film.

My lecturer pointed out two things that have stuck out to me. I completely agree when he says I will end up being a “power house” of documentation but not anything specific. He said that I needed to consider context as well as approaches. So ideas were thrown around and this is how I interpreted it.

Do I….

  • Take the approach from; It’s from my point of view. In a way, that is anthropological in my involvement. This would be more of a reflective documentary. It would certainly allow me to explore the advancements in theatre production and how media could be implemented. I began my creative education in theatre and naturally progressed into media, so in some respects, this would be interesting anyway, for me to step back into it, as it is a space and world I understand.


  • Do I explore the collaboration of how the students work with one another, both in the sense of distance, connection and space. What are these student experiences, friendships & collaborations going to have in the longer term in the theatre world. How do the Finn students feel compared to the UK students, with this experience?

Both are interesting and this is the problem, I am not sure at this stage….


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