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Lets make something colourful



Part of the PGCE requirement is to be observed by a colleague and for myself to observe one of their sessions. This blog is a reflection upon my colleague Dr Adriana Ortiz from the school of Engineering, Environment and Computing.

Her feedback is invaluable, firstly on the actual teaching practice and principals and secondly because we work for different schools the environment in my school is very different engineering, so it is interesting to compare the two and see what practices we can both adopt, in our own pedagogy.

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From Teaching to Learning


In the Nov/Dec 1995 Barr & Tagg realeased the article; “From teaching to learning : A New Paradigm For Undergraduate Education.” This study stirred up a change within education; 20 years on from this study how are universities in the modern context using and implementing the learning paradigm?

This article discussed and identified a teaching paradigm that was adopted by many universities. Whereby the teaching approach is instructional in its delivery and is conceived in the activity of a stereotypical lecture, the students were also expected to do self-paced learning, outside of the lecture.

So the question is, where is the learning investment from the students?