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I went and saw my colleagues Thomas Evans delivery a session surrounding neuropsychology applied to consumer behaviour. Obviously this is not in my field so firstly the for me to the content to the teaching and learning taking place in the room was I believe easier to do.

The room that was used was laid out in a scaled down lecture theatre, with desks lined up facing a white board and projector.
Tom started using a PowerPoint had clear learning objectives laid out to the classroom at the start. There was a clear tempo in the room and the session was broken up into manageable chunks with small group activities.

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Ian has noticed a gap between staffs and students using these tools, either as a new skill or failing to engage and see beyond the “social” ideology use of it.

The project is looking in the research stages currently and is supported by the DMLL.

I wanted to blog about this because I understand this challenge that Ian is trying overcome, both on the ethical and participation gap of skills and knowledge.

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New to you Innovation

My new to you innovation for me had to really focus on developing students as media professionals using softwares and digital to their full capacity.

There were 4 key objective statements that the model would aim to achieve.

1. To develop digital media literacy skills in a particular software’s.
2. Create and build a digital portfolio within a creative network.
3. Shape a tangible creative community within the school
4. Build, enhance, create and fulfil.

The outcome of my new to you project would then have to be reported in the form of an academic poster, I chose to design this with Adobe Illustrator.