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Tonal Projections

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso


Tonal Projections was where we saw our work from our Masters group come together. It was fantastic to collaboratively work together to produce this almost “pop-up” projection art from inside #TheTank Studio, at Coventry University.

We created a space that was no longer this Kryptonite cube,  it evolved into a projection art space. We had three types of projections going from within the glass cube. Firstly was the main projection on the wall, we blocked all the sunlight out so that the luminance of the projector could be at its fullest and all the colours being able to pop out at the audience.  Then there was Ken experiential projection, which evolved with the setting sun.


Firstly there was the white curtain, pulled across the windows, this offered passers-by to see what was happening and to entice them in, and what was great about this, is that it could be seen, due to the natural shading and architecture of the building. When the sun began to set to projector was then re-set and the curtain was drawn. Positioning the projector closer to the window, created this Bill Viola re-creation in the glass, due to the double glazing being several inches apart a double projection was created. And when the sun had set, the projection then started to appear on the opposite building. My own tonal project was submitted for the exhibition without sound to the piece instead, we mixed our sound projects on a random playlist, which created warped a reality for passers-by.

Tonal Project- Experimental music from Beck Stewart on Vimeo.

My tonal projection was created from archived footage filmed in April of 2015. I chose to the subject matter on the idea of water and cleansing. The water being thrown in the water blessing is continuous and in many ways endless.  I have experienced this for myself and it was one of the most sensory experiences, both in the method of gallons of water  and in the physicality of the experience.


I wanted to explore the idea of repetitiveness that is found within this culture, not only in the methodology of Buddhist rituals but this repetitiveness that is reflected in their art-work. And somehow merge the two. From visiting the art galleries this term and exploring artist such as Bill Viola, Paik had influenced my work. I also looked into briefly different artist styles such as Monet to get clear paint effect in studio artist.

I wanted to explore the idea of holding frames and allowing the motion to slightly glitch out, as seen in the second scene. It is where the clip ends and the filter playing over the top, it’s this displacement with time, that viola uses in his work. Working layers and rotoscoping was one method to gain a clear image of what was happening. Rotoscoping changed the dynamic of the movement and flow of the clips, and when merged with effect in premiere such as warping/stabilisation a whole new effect was created. Distorting time on the clips was also part of the final cut. Like previously mentioned, Viola uses time, to disorientate a viewer.

sablogDual paint action sequence was something that I discovered when experimenting with an image. The kaleidoscope with mouse reaction generated amazing mandala/kaleidoscope patterns, that bounced around at the click of a mouse. Many of these effects were also available in the video modes, but instead of the pattern reacting to the click of the mouse, it would generate a pattern based on the movement of the video hitting the body. At points during the piece, the audience will see two parallel videos playing these are both the same. Just moving in different ways and generating a different type of art and pattern. I felt that it gave an interesting dynamic to the piece.  I feel there are some aspects of the film that could have been more thought out. Like some of the cuts ending abruptly, but this has ultimately introduced me to a new way of working

Upon reflection I would further want to develop this and experiment more. I feel that this module has opened a whole new workflow for me and I want to explore digital artwork and projections further. I want to see where this can be used in performance and the arts. This I feel has allowed a clear synergy between performance and media and I want to see how I can push the boundaries with this. Artistically it has resurgence my interest in art again this has been a really enjoyable module and I now want to see where this takes me. I have started entering some of the stills from this project into some art exhibition competitions and I enjoy crossing and mixing my digital artwork with other apps and software.One of them being Giphy as seen below.





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