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21st Century Narrative Forms (M103MC)

21st Century Narrative Forms- Reflective.


This process has been one that has been surprising, challenging and has made me reconsider writing methods for script, the production processes. How to generate ideas, subplots & characters. Their feeling, thought, wants and ambitions. How to make it original? And what does it reflect?

What I have gained from the M103MC module has been one of creating a generating fresh ideas, collaborating with an that idea of how another person may see it in their minds-eye, e.g-director from above the script writers idea. It has made me learn to not be to precious with your ideas and to some extent it has made me question the ‘originality’ of narratives. I haven’t done a script writing module since my undergraduate 12 years ago. I understand how to read scripts, however creating my own stories and script, to be honest was quite a daunting task.

The assignment was to create a 10 minute short film that each student would create, followed by a vote of creating a specific one and then working in teams to produce a short film.

The first target challenge was curating the idea of what the story could be?  What are the dynamics? Who are the characters,? Sub-plots? Genre? The list goes on…..

So it took me a while to generate some ideas. The first idea, I think was more of an online TV series, that could be played out over a long period of time and there would be many subplots contained within that story.. I am not actually going to say online, what the story is because actually I like the idea. However upon realising this I still struggled to generate an idea.


Then Clifton showed us the film called “Moth”. Which is about a boy who believes what his mother tells him…

And it was this idea of if a parent tells a child a really innocent magic fib and that child believes it, its the events that occur after that moment that becomes interesting. So I played with idea in my head and thought back to when I was a child. My grandfather used to make fun when I was kid, saying; “if you kiss boys, your teeth will fall out”.  I completely knew at the time that it was a joke and probably more of a method of parenting, of not wanting me to grow up.

However the question I took from it was; What would or could happen it that was believed? And I wrote my script. I once I had the idea I found it quite easy to fluidly construct the script together. The only difficulty in the construction was perhaps using Celtex in the formatting of the software. Some of the formatting automatically turned the font into capitals, where it didn’t need to be. Therefore it gave the impression that I was shouting and so forth and this needed to be changed. There also needed to be a cut down in language use as I wanted the film to take more of an imagery narrative. The feedback I received was positive and there was a possibility that it was going to be used, however due to the cost factor and time scale I was glad that it wasn’t actually chosen, as this is something that I may wish to make in the future.

The film that was selected was a film written by Luca, titled “Heal”. What was interesting about making this film was that both groups were doing the same script, however one would be in English and the other Chinese. I worked in the Chinese production and my role was in post-production specifically grading. During the time of production and post, I was also filming my final project for my MA. Trying to balance the two as well as my full-time job in the school was a challenge. I had to be very specific with the time allocated to each project. I assisted with the transcoding for all the footage before I left for Finland.  So that the rest of my group could get the edit together while I was away. On the Tuesday when we were meant to screen the first edit, it was a shame that there was an edit to show. However the following day an edit was delivered and myself and the director began to tidy it up further completing a 2nd edit.

On the Thursday I completed the final grading and sequentially passed this onto Sean and Jaqui to that they could add the folly and subtitles that had been pre-recorded by the rest of the group. One of the challenges that the group has been communication and between us in the group there have been miscommunications, which has made the process longer. Much of the miscommunication has been more a case of ‘lost in translation’ between one another, but we overcame these challenges by sitting down and working together in the edit.

So to summarise; overall my experience has been positive. It has been great to reconnect with storytelling and using narrative forms in different worlds. Constructing the story and gaining that idea was particularly hard but once I had given time for an idea to mature, with a help of another film it lead onto story being created.

I can now see at the end of this process, how it is going to help me with constructing a film of my FMP on Klynt for my MA and as a separate documentary film. I can now see how I may construct it, I will be working with a different method as I have much of the footage already filmed, so this practice will be interesting to explore and apply to future practice.

Upon reflection it has been an interesting process and for myself personally it was the writing and construction of that story that I was interested in and wanted to develop within myself. Below is the link to the short film that my group created, my script and script feedback on Seans script is linked on the hand in form.


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