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Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.-

Henry David Thoreau

Being lost, feeling lost, wanting to get lost: In Spaces, places, perspectives, realities, feelings and thoughts. The idea of ‘being lost’ covers such a wide range of spectrums of contexts and you would go mad just thinking about it, so you have to explore to colour in your world, like you did when you are a toddler.

#360Coventrywalks is a project that embodies the idea of getting lost. This project is a collaboration with undergraduate and Masters students from Coventry University.  Who are international, diverse & creatively-interdisciplinary. This community of actors, illustrators, photographers and filmmakers are being introduced into the world of 360, from using our city as a playground, it inspires future collaborations, new creativity, different realities.


By getting lost, we somehow find ourselves creating, making new friends and being part of a community.

We get lost, to explore our landscape, our shared cultures in our city and to see it from different perspectives

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Background Story

In October I was lucky enough to invited a Theta Walk London with Ricoh Theta Ben Claremont and Alex Rühl

This was a fantastic day to learn, play, share, ideas. It was great to be the student again and I felt I found a place within a creative community. Meeting other people who are into the same creative things as you, as well as thoughts and philsophies is a great feeling, because innovation and collaboration can happen.

I felt that it would be good to try something similar. So #360WalksCoventry has started. It is an ongoing project, that is photo-ethnographic, experimental and philosophical practice, all in one image. Its a project designed to spark engagement with 360, new thought and creative bodies of work. Alongside all of this, its about making friends from all over the world all contained in one little planet image.

NEWS & FEATURES> In August 2019, we will be displaying our work in the virtual and immersive landscape! Keep watching and follow #360walkCoventry

Feature: Coventry Telegraph 2nd December 2018 (full article)

Sometimes it’s easy when you live in a city to forget about all the wondrous sights it offers.Coventry has some beautiful parks, beautiful buildings and beautiful,

so there’s a lot worthy of snapping in a picture to remember forever. Coventry Cathedral could easily be considered one of Britain’s most Instagrammable spots. And it brings plenty of tourists to town who love snapping our beautiful city. We’ve scoured Instagram to find you some of the loveliest pictures of Coventry that will reinvigorate your love for the place you live – or make you wish you lived here.Here’s our selection of 9 of our favourites

An all-round shot

This awesome shot has our brain spinning in circles – in a great way! @beck.stewart has captured a totally different take on the city, and while standing on her head.

Shot using a 360 camera, we love how you get a taste of both the new and old Coventry Cathedral, the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery and Coventry University all in one shot. Truly stunning.

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