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Killjoy: Immersive Theatre

Immersive Theatre: Killjoy: Catch 42 Theatre Company.

Catch 42 is a “newly emerging theatre company that focuses on creating original, stylised innovative theatre”. Catch 42 and Lumiere Feminine collaboratively designed the projections for the production of killjoy. A new piece of theatre, written and directed by Chloe Bond, the play explores themes of mental health, female identity with thriller tones, set in a dystopian past of the 1930’s.

A feminist killjoy is someone — could be any gender — someone who feels uncomfortable with the status quo in society. So much so that they speak out that can make others feel uncomfortable- Sara Ahmed, 

The world of Killjoy deals with many truths and taboo subjects, written with dignity, poetically delicate with structure we enter a world; exploring happiness, truth of self, place and narrative: Where a psychopath develops a strange level of empathy, where a manic depressive finds peace in his nihilism and mania. 

A world where a killjoy feminist questions truth, identity and roles of placement. Set in a landscape of light and projections, with sensory value and meaning.

Over a 6 month period, Catch 42 company and lumiere feminine collaborated together in visual meaning and projection. These young actors were some of the most professional artists we have ever had the pleasure of working with. As a collaborative of artists we carefully constructed a world, made up of layers of creative and theoretical practice. We as artists created with words, performance, lighting and power in meaning.

Displacing sounds and interactive projection mapping, immersed the audience into another world. They travel with these characters into a place of physic and identity,  many of the themes are still taboo, in our societies and cultures. Here in the storytelling of Killjoy, you are taken this taboo landscape, whether you want to or not.

Killjoy is a story that can speak to the many. In a world that has so much noise right now, It is good to visit an alternative reality, one where we loose ourselves and we begin to question and reflect. Theatre is the original immersive storytelling experience, its just become a little more interdisciplinary, collaborative and transcends audiences, to new worlds so that they can find place in their own position.

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