Lumiére Feminine

“The smallest thought could not exist unless the entire universe and the laws of physics were in some way encouraging it.”
― Kevin Kelly, What Technology Wants 

Lumiere Feminine is fluid, lucid, expressive and interactive. It is viewed, not touched. It is feeling, sense and motion projected outwardly with light. Expressing reality and consciousness with projections, immersive and sensory mixed mediums, that are interactive. Expressions and tones of a virtual synesthesia in a way, constructed like architected dreams.

We create immersive media, such as 360 sensory videos, with bath-bombs, mix-media to create virtual worlds that have been used in Immersive Theatre Productions, such as Killjoy by Theatre Company Catch 42 at the Belgrade Theatre, June 2017




“When you expose a problem you pose a problem. It might then be assumed that the problem would go away if you would just stop talking about or if you went away.”
― Sara Ahmed, Living a Feminist Life

Raising sensitive and taboo issues around mental health, death and feminism, through immersive theatre. The narrative, assisted with projections constructed a story that was sensitive in subjectivity. Killjoy dealt with several themes of mental health, pathology and feminism.  We have the Psychopath, Lennox. The James who has depression and bride to be,  killjoy feminist, Lisa. It is the story of a psychopath who develops a consciousness and shows empathy towards a man who is about to end his life, James. Going against his against ethics, as a psychopath we see these three characters go on a journey of empathy, compassion, freedom. Reality is challenged and taboo is spoken about. A beautiful poetic piece of new theatre, that expressed outwardly as, well as inwardly.

This collaborated piece of immersive theatre, was an expressive cathartic journey for everyone involved, and brought community together in performance and reflection.

….”Finding the anomalies, to understand the ordinary. Killjoy, a serial killer with an eye for a smile”. – Killjoy

2019: Exploring the Immersive Cosmos. 

“Every living thing is a masterpiece, written by nature and edited by evolution.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson [3]

For 2018/19, we seek to explore the cosmos, through a series of explorations into the virtual space of reality. We will create this virtual space, by using geodesic dome structures, combined with interdisciplinary practices in film, illusion, theatre and physics. To create sensory displacement and spatial disruption, within the conscious realms of reality, by using illusion, creativity and experimentation in our methods. We will tell stories captured in 360 and then disrupted through creative editing process to create narrative to this space.

This is where theatre and film, fold into back into themselves like black holes, whereby we transcend into a subjective loop feed of the 4th medium.  We make conversational pieces, that educate and focus, not solely on art but on community as well.

We are a group of female artists made up of photographers, philosophers, dreamers and, film makers, scientists & explorers.


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