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Zero Project

 The Zero Project

The Zero Project consisted of ourselves looking into the bedrock of documentary filmmaking and principal practices theories such as Cinema Verite. Also known as the cinema of truth, verite should not be taken in the literal form. It should however, be considered to be subjective and original in its construction. During this project the idea of what is constructed documentary (Reality- which is very much fake in construction) verses simplicity in truthful filming. Point, shoot and with limited editing, draw a narrative from the experience.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-7-42-15-pmI filmed several people for this project, firstly the wardrobe master and the lighting designer. Both of the people featured here are my colleagues and work within performing arts. One is creative and enters a fluid state of creation, the other is technical and the own the space in capacity that reflects a calmness or order.

The film I chose for submission, was some footage I had filmed 9 months before starting the MA course. I didn’t realise at the time, that I was practicing veriete techniques and in some sense I found an identity within my own creative practice.


What I drew from this experience of creating the zero project, was a sense of identity within my own creative practice and documentary filmmaking.

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